Sunday, June 21, 2009

Night and Day

My cousin was down for a sesh this afternoon, so I decided I'd record his sesh from the beach since I hadn't used my camcorder in a while. We went to the same spot that we went to yesterday. Trouble was by the time we got there the onshore winds were already wreaking havoc. As you can probably guess, the waves were pretty crappy. The waves were so crappy, in fact, that we decided to call it a day pretty quickly. Looking at the waves today, you'd never guess how fun they were yesterday - the difference was like night and day.


-JY- said...

glad you guys scored @ Home on Saturday, heard about the hollowness. liking your cuz's cutty at 33sec!

Lee said...

Between eating lunch and messing with my cam's manual focus, the only footage I got of my cousin was him duck diving at :25. Oops, my bad. lol The other bbrs are some random dudes.