Sunday, August 31, 2008

Morey Mach 7-7

I recently bought a new board - a Morey Mach 7-7. While price was a factor in my decision to buy a Mach 7-7 - it only cost $110 - the most important factor in my decision to buy a Mach 7-7 was its all-around great performance.

It's amazing to think that a board that was designed in the 80s can still hold its own amongst the much more technically advanced bodyboards of today. A sound template combined with quality materials make the Mach 7-7 a high-performance bodyboard.

I've used my Mach 7-7 several times, and, like many others that have used it before me, I can attest of its great performance. It performs well both as a prone board and a dropknee board.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Team Stoked Blog

I've decided to blog about my bodyboarding sessions. This is my initial attempt at blogging on a regular basis. In the future, I hope to add pictures and videos to this blog.