Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MS Vipers Update

I found this interview regarding the MS Vipers on 885bbr.com. I wanted to post it here since a couple of you that I know personally recently asked me about them and I'm not sure if you visit the aforementioned website.

It's my first look at the fin as a whole (the previous picture that I posted only showed half of the fin). These fins definitely look like they have potential. By the way, the interview says that the fins are available now, but I don't think they are. Jay Reale said that they were actually launching in the U.S. some time in July.


Nick Borgens said...

Nice but they look to big for me r they heavy???

rodndtube said...

I'd like to read an unbiased review and evaluation of the MS Vipers. Something more than a press release. For example, how is the foot pocket? Does the foot pocket have the same limitations as other Vipers (narrow width and narrow height) when scaling up a size for cold water (e.g., adding 5mm of rubber)? Any reviews anywhere?