Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gear Review

I'm a huge bodyboarding gear head. In fact, I love bodyboading gear almost as much as I love actually bodyboarding. I have more bodyboarding gear than I really need - which only reminds me that I don't have quite enough. Having bodyboarding gear in itself gets me stoked; actually using it is like, well, an added bonus. Furthermore, I'll analyze, reanalyze, and then re-reanalyze specs, only stopping once I know the specs like I know the back of my hand. Compulsive? I prefer passionate, actually.

I thoroughly enjoy blogging about my bodyboarding sessions. Unfortunately, however, I'm not able to bodyboard and then blog about it as often as I would like to due to other commitments. Since I can't blog as often as I'd like to about my bodyboarding sessions, I've decided to blog about bodyboarding gear in the form of gear reviews.

While blogging about bodyboarding gear will help me get my blogging fix, I'm also hoping it will provide a useful reference to those of you who are planning on buying the gear that I review.

In addition to reviewing bodyboarding gear, I'll also review other gear - like cameras - as they relate to bodyboarding.

While my reviews will be far from scientific and somewhat subjective as per my personal preferences, I'll try to be as consistent as possible with my criteria so that you can accurately gauge how my reviews relate to your personal preferences.

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Kim said...

Dude...excellent idea with the reviews.