Tuesday, January 12, 2010

West Siiiiide!

I decided to catch a sesh on the west side of island this afternoon. The spot I went to reminded me of my home break when I used to live in Hawaii. It wasn't big (about two feet Hawaiian), but it was fun. I still can't get over how good the Hawaiian water feels.

My new board: Nomad (same manufacturer of VS boards), 42", PP core, double rails, channels. Not bad for $85. By the way, it's not so much what you see in this picture that makes this a picture worth posting, but what you don't see - parking meters. I've yet to encounter a parking meter at a Hawaiian beach, and I've been to a lot of Hawaiian beaches. You gotta love those free sessions!

To ensure that your sessions aren't anti-climatic, Hawaiian beaches have the best showers* (*Not the actual reason why Hawaiian beaches have the best showers). None of that push-a-button-only-to-get-a-two-second-spurt-of-water-that-barely-rinses-a-strand-of-hair-on-your-head stuff, but rather turn-on-the-faucet-and-enjoy-a-hearty-stream-of-water-to-your-heart's-content.


kalanijr.fitisemanu said...

...no wetsuits...nice!!!

Lee said...

Yup. Just boardshorts. =)