Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was torn between taking pictures and catching a sesh this morning. I ultimately decided to take pictures instead. I went to Pipe again. It was smaller than yesterday, but even when it's small[er] Pipe is still pretty darn epic. A swell is expected to hit the NS tomorrow. It's supposed to be 12 feet (Hawaiian)!

Shout out to JY: After my photo sesh, I ran over to one of JY's favorite spots to eat, Ted's Bakery, and ordered the Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice plate (with shoyu on the rice, of course). It was ono!

Of course, the good thing about being on vacation is even if I decide to take pictures in the morning, I can still catch a sesh in the afternoon (or even mid-day for that matter). So without further ado, I have a sesh to catch ;)


-JY- said...

thanks Lee, ONO! i'm full... =)
can we get some more tomorrow, or for dinner tonight?!?

Kim said...

Looks good. One question though. Where are their wetsuits? :-)