Monday, January 11, 2010

Early Morning Dash

I ran up to the North Shore this morning and witnessed the grandeur of Waimea Bay first hand. It was quite the experience! It was big! I couldn't really tell you how big it was in feet, but when it gets as big as it was this morning, trying to measure waves in mere increments of 12 inches really is like splitting hairs.

After being awed by Waimea Bay, I ran over to Sandy's where the surf was a lot less... umm... life-threatening. I caught a quick sesh there (and I do mean quick - I caught just one wave and took just one picture), before I had to bounce. Being in the Hawaiian H20 felt so good!

Many a photog was seduced by Waimea's beauty and power this morning.


iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...

1 wave and 1 pic?

Your FIRED! Please turn all your camera equipment in to me when you get back home! LOL

Hope your enjoying your vacation!

-JY- said...

nice ones! assuming nobody was out at shorebreak? hoping you cop'd some ted's while out there! =)

Whateva'z said...

Nice one's Lee. Hope your enjoying your vacation with the Family and relatives. See ya when ya get back.

Lee said...

Thanks, guys!