Saturday, November 28, 2009

So Close, Yet So Far

After seeing what the local spots had to offer yesterday, I decided to do some traveling to see what some of the other spots had to offer today. Yet after crossing county lines and adding close to 150 miles to my odometer, I ending up surfing at one of the local spots. LOL

I decided to keep the water cam dry for my sesh, but bruddah Sal was out there taking some shots.

Super sloppy

It wasn't only sloppy, it was also big. I could have sworn I saw some double overheaders. The wave in the background is a lot bigger than it appears in this pic!

A rare A-framer getting ready to peel.

A point break I came across as I was driving back. With the right conditions, I'm sure this spot would be sick. Definitely looked sharky, though.

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Whateva'z said...

3rd pic... Thats all the motivation I need ;)