Saturday, November 14, 2009


The brisk offshore winds had me donning a hoodie this morning. I felt like Laurence Fishburne going Deep Cover with my hoodie and tele-zoom. Anyway, the offshore winds were a pleasant surprise, especially considering the winds were supposed to jack everything up today. It was definitely on the smaller side, but a lower tide would have had me kicking myself for not bringing my gear.

You can't see me. haha


Sal getting pitted

Sal busting one of his signature cutbacks


Whateva'z said...

That shot of that one eyeball eyein it is prolly the sickest shot I've ever seen. Good stuff Lee boy ;)

Whateva'z said...

BTW... I had no idea that was you wit dat hood on. OH... you deep una cuva eh bra?!

-JY- said...

haha, i like how kept focus on SF's I-ball. nice one!
didn't see you out, you sure were incog

Lee said...

Thanks, guys.

Sal, I'll send you some more pics later.

JY, nice shot on surfline. I'm doing my best to try to send you to Hawaii (I always vote for your pics)!


iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...

NICE shots!

SF's cutback is NASTY!!