Monday, March 12, 2012

Upcoming Events for Saturday, March 17th

The BIA Tour will be kicking off its 2012 season this Saturday, March 17th, at the Manhattan Beach Pier.

Edit: The BIA Tour has rescheduled the Manhattan Beach contest to Saturday, March 31st, due to this Saturday's impending inclement weather. The contest will start at 7:00 AM. For more info, check out

Also, word on the [virtual] street, aka Facebook, is that there will be a DK Wars event going on simultaneously at the Manhattan Beach Pier during this Saturday's BIA Tour contest. If a DK Wars event does go down at the Pier this Saturday, I'll chip in $20 to the pot. I'd enter, but I don't think the other competitors are ready for my contest-ending backside, double knee, pearl-to-hulimakaflip secret move.

Edit: Chris Taloa has confirmed that this Saturday's DK Wars event at Manhattan Beach has been canceled. Oh well, I wasn't really going to chip in $20 anyway. Haha. Just messing.

Speaking of DK Wars, congratulations to local rippers Bobby and Nick who placed first and second, respectively, in this past Saturday's DK Wars event at T-Street.

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