Saturday, March 3, 2012

Serious Offense Averted

I don't get upset easily, but there are a few things that tick me off pretty bad. One of those things is stealing my rubbah slippahs. Stealing a Hawaiian's rubbah slippahs is like stealing his birthright. You can steal my sandals, you can steal my flip flops, but don't ever, ever ever ever, steal my rubbah slippahs!

This morning I took off my rubbah slippahs and left them higher up on the beach while I took pictures. Apparently, some overzealous beach-cleaning volunteer mistook my rubbah slippahs for trash and ended up throwing them away. Fortunately, there's a happy ending to this story as I eventually found my rubbah slippahs in one of the trash bags that the volunteers were using.

As for the surf: Bran and Al traded off some shorebreak barrels, which they had all to themselves.

This morning's sesh started off with some consistent waves. Then there was a long lull. In this pic, Al finds a way to overcome the boredom during said lull. The lull was so long, in fact, that both Bran and Al actually got out. Then it started breaking again with some decent peelers (for a shorebreak) so they got back in.


Selase said...

Whoa bra... next time we go pound em. Nice pics of the boys Lee.

Lee said...

Shoots, sounds good. Haha. Mahalos

mr_sponger said...

Love the shot of Al getting some shades under the lip.