Saturday, March 14, 2009

Costly Session

I wasted two hours and half a tank of gas spot-checking this morning. By the time I found a decent spot to surf, I only had about an hour and a half to surf. By that time, I was pretty bummed that I had wasted so much time and gas just trying to find a spot. However, half way through my sesh, I got pitted in a nice little barrel. Was wasting two hours and half a tank of gas worth that nice little barrel? You betcha! Next time, though, I'll just have to be more efficient at spot-checking!

Shore slappers at one of the spots I checked. Ugh!

I thought this would be the best spot of all the spots I checked. Oh well.

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Marcus Bockman, Editor said...

Hey Lee! I would say even if Wedge looks fairly horrible, its probably a better bet than most other spots. On the small days, if the sidewave is working it can be just as fun as a wave twice as big somewhere else. As much as I would rather take off at the peak, the sider on small days--even if its only waist to chest--makes it worth it! Of course, there's the issue that everyone and their mom wants to surf wedge, so you end up with little waves with 4 people a piece surfing on them.