Saturday, January 17, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Hoping that the much anticipated swell had finally hit the South Bay, I made sure I arrived at the Pier early this morning to greet it. Mother Nature had other plans, however, and I was left hanging. It's a good thing I wasn't expecting too much from this swell - a lot of other S. California surfers were saying that this swell was over-hyped to begin with.

Since the waves weren't good, I decided to end my sesh early and try my hand at videography. That didn't pan out too well either as the lighting was very poor.

Today's session wasn't entirely disappointing, though. As I was leaving the Pier, the waves were noticeable bigger than they were when I had initially arrived. Could be a [good] sign of things to come tomorrow and on Monday.


iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...

thanks for the curtain shot! lol

Lee said...

No prob. I wish I could have taken better pictures today, but it was one of those days when my A game was on the bench. To make things worse, my lens was all fogged up, and I didn't realize it until pretty much the end of my photo sesh. Most of my pictures look like I took them with Scotch tape on the lens.