Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mid-Day Dash

Since I had a long lunch break today, I decided to run over to the Pier to see what was good. The short answer: Not much. However, I think with the tide push, the waves might be better later today. As usual, I had a fun time taking pictures, even though a lot of the pictures came out blurry. That kind of makes me wish I had bought that Canon DSLR camera two days ago. I had the camera in my hand and was just about to buy it when I had one of those thought processing moments come to pass. In a proverbial cloud of thought I was skipping happily along with my camera through a field of daisies. Yet in another proverbial cloud of thought I was in the dog house with my wife for just spending $1,000 on something that, in her mind, I don't need. The latter was more influential than the former so I decided to pass on the camera.

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