Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 BIA Championships

I checked out the 2012 BIA Championships in Huntington yesterday. I was stoked on the level of DK talent representing yesterday.

Front row seat and umbrella

A few of the judges

The morning high tide made for some fun little nugs on the inside.

The South Bay was well represented:

Alex showed up to watch...

but after seeing some nice peelers, he decided to partake.

Stoked on DK


Selase said...

Nice pics Lee boy... South Bay Representing! Cheee-hoooo

Evan Fa said...

nice stuff lee! nice seeing you at the comp brotha.

Lee said...

Thanks guys

bradshawkirchofer said...

GREAT pictures. Im South Bay and wanting to take my 3 boys next weekend. Where is the tournament located?