Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sponger Spotlight: Sal

I knew Sal even before I actually knew Sal. Does that make sense? No? Ok, I’ll explain: I came across Sal’s blog, rightspotattherighttime, a few months before I actually met him in person. Within the first few minutes of reading Sal’s blog, I felt like I was already well acquainted with him. When we finally met in person, it seemed more like I was catching up with an old friend rather than meeting someone for the first time.

Sal is one of the South Bay’s local bodyboaders. He’s one of the most laid-back dudes you’ll ever meet. Get him on a wave, however, and he becomes one of the most aggressive dudes you’ll ever meet. His agro revos and wave-mutilating, chunks-throwing, no-regard-for-human-safety cutbacks provide plenty of evidence of that. Behind Sal’s skill on the boog, you’ll find a person that just loves to surf.

Thanks to Sal for being down to be the first profiled sponger on my blog. Even though my idea to profile bodyboarders was rough around the edges when I first presented it to him, he was still down to do it without any hesitation.

Name: Sal

Hometown: Torrance, CA

Years bodyboarding: Since September of ‘05, so I guess going on 6 years

Local spot: Manhattan Beach

Favorite spot: I actually have 2 favorite spots. Of course Manhattan Beach, and for those that know me know the other spot :) But I guess if I had to choose 1, it would be Manhattan Beach.

Dream spot: Indonesia... I can't remember the name of the spot but it's a left pointbreak. Ben player has it in one of his YouTube videos.

Riding style: I'm 99% prone. I can't DK for squat.

Favorite maneuver: Revos, revos, revos... I love doing revos.

Travels: I have not taken any surf trips out of the state... well, I went to Hawaii 2 years ago with my family but I couldn’t really surf because my family had other plans in mind. But I was able to squeeze about 3 hours in at Sandy’s :) Gnarly shorepound. Nice round toobz :) As for traveling locally, me and my boy Creed use to travel on a daily but I got tired of driving and gas prices suck. So I just settle for what’s out front.

What influenced you to start bodyboarding? My brothers. They invited me one morning in ‘05 to 40th Street Newport dawn patrol. I always knew they went early in the morning so this time I decided to go just to see what the hell these idiots were waking up so early to go to the beach for. Long story short... I got barreled and that was it. I was hooked. From then until now I still feel the same. For those that know me, I get retarded when it's barreling, I'm like a little kid and I know it. It's a great feeling :)

What’s your most memorable sesh? This is a tough one, I would have to get back to you on this one.

What are your bodyboarding goals? I don't really have any goals for bodyboarding. I just like to have fun and getting barreled. Well, I guess you can say my goal would be to pull an ARS. One more turn in the air and I got it :)

I’m sure this is a question that a lot of people would like to know the answer to: How do you stay motivated to surf almost everyday even when the waves are bad? It's like an addiction for me. I don't know if that's bad or good but my wife doesn't seem to mind so I guess it's good. LOL! But I know she would say something if I didn't have a job. To me it just feels good being in the water. It's like stepping away from all the everyday stress and entering my own little happy world.

Free Sesh: One of the really good things I got out of Bodyboarding is that I got to know a lot of cool people/ friends that got my back and I know that will keep in touch for life. And to me that's awesome. Keep Shreddin!!

Wave mutilated? Check... Chunks thrown? Check... No regard for human safety? Check

Sal, right where he likes to be - in the tube


Whateva'z said...

Wow! I feel like I was just in a bodyboard magazine. Thanks Lee. See you out there next week.

Kim said...

Awesome post about a well deserving waterman. Great idea Lee and congrats Sal!

Alessandro said...

South Bay represent!
keep them coming amigos

iTiZ wUt iTiZ said...

Nice write up, Lee