Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Case of Mistaken Identity

I was planning on meeting up with bruddah Sal this morning, so when I rolled up early at one spot and didn't see him there, I figured he was at another spot. I rolled up at another spot, saw some spongers in the distance and thought that that was Sal. I quickly suited up, ran down to the shoreline, and peered into the line up only to realize that none of the spongers out there was Sal. Oops.

Being already suited up and noticing that the waves were significantly better than the first spot I checked, I decided to jump in. Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties shortly after jumping in and had to prematurely finish my sesh. Photo tip of the day: If your camera is indicating that its battery is low, it's probably not lying to you.

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the few shots I got before my camera's battery died.

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Whateva'z said...

It's all good bra. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Nice toob shot too :)