Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Gloom

It seems like the weather condition known as June gloom has arrived early this year. That's to say there's been quite a number of cloudy mornings in this month, include this morning.

I checked out a well-known OC spot thinking that the recent south swell would be best displayed there. Needless to say, it was. Not satisfied with the lighting, though, I ran back up to the local spot at around 9 only to see the wind was already on it and the lighting was still poor. I figured my parking meter money would be better spent on another day, and decided to call it a day.

Set of the morning.

Dddddddrop.  I think this guy actually made it.

I bet this photog got a pretty sick pic from his POV

I was digging the Ben Severson esque cutback (with two hands on the nose).  This guy cranked it so hard, I thought he was going to slide out...

He didn't though, and proceeded to displace buckets of H20.

Someone placed this flyer on my car.  From the previews I've seen, this flick looks dope.  There's a lot of Cali footage.  Check it out if you can.


Whateva'z said...

Nice pics Lee!

Kekaimoku said...

whaddup. shoot i haven't been to the beach since i came back!! but i got 2 jobs so im saving up and looking at cameras. canon xsi with the extra lens, card, and bag for 780 from costco or the brand new x2i for like 900'ish?? really gotta get on the blog