Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Session

I went to the Manhattan Beach Pier today, and I had the most fun session that I've had in the past three months.

I arrived at the MB Pier at about 6:15 AM. When I arrived, there were only about seven surfers and one bodyboarder in the lineup. Since the tide was low when I arrived, the waves were barreling nicely. In fact, I was able to get shacked several times riding prone and once riding dropknee. Furthermore, the water was relatively warm, which was a plus for me since I was only using a rash guard and boardshorts.

The only stoke killer was the crowded lineup. Yet, I guess that's to be expected at the MB Pier on a summer holiday.

All in all, I had a blast today. After today's fun session, I look forward to bodyboarding at the MB Pier in the fall, winter and spring - when the waves are better, and, hopefully, when the lineup is less crowded.

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